20 febrero 2008

¿Qué Archimago de los Reinos Olvidados Eres?

Hoy toca algo divertido y relajado. Os voy a pasar un test para saber qué archimago de los Reinos Olvidados sois (en inglés) The which Archmage are you? Test

A mi me ha salido Khelben Arunsun
26% Whimsy, 15% Ruthlessness, 76% Routine
Taciturn, stoic, and objective-focused, you, Khelben Blackstaff, have little time for indulging in the vices and whims of others. You take your job -- maintaining order in Faerun and aiding Mystra in preserving magic -- very seriously. No one understands your duty-filled existence -- expect perhaps your wife Laeral, without whom you'd be lost to darkness for sure. You recently broke away from the goody-goody Harpers so as to get REAL work done, and you're not afraid to get your hands a little dirty in the name of the greater good � or, more precisely, RIGHT.

¿Qué os ha salido a vosotros?

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1 comentario:

Karl Franz dijo...

Mola, me ha salido Mashoon, el malo maloso de los Reinos olvidados, muajuajuajuajua